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Inkstar- Technology Company Limited

Our company specialized in manufacturing of Continual ink Supply system(CISS), ARC chip, dye ink, pigment ink, Sublimation ink , heat transfer machine , toner cartridge, toner powder, and so on.

Awaiting your Enquiry by Phone call or Email! With Best Regards.

Our company take the honesty, continuously creative, cooperate for mutual benefit , as the truth, taking the top-grade product, top-grade service, top-grade price as the principle, just as after go toward for our customer provides the outstanding product and perfectly service, all product that ordered from our company can possess the quality control . Take quantity as end guarantee .A good product is just dependable income!

Our concept

Respect our customers

Humanized man

[ Details ]
  • Business Type : Manufacturing
  • Main Products : ciss ( continuous ink supply system ), ink ( dye ink, pigment ink, sublimation ink ), refillable cartridge, toner
  • Year Established : 2012
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